Screen_Shot_2014-08-18_at_8.04.48_PMA customs officer was charged for Manslaughter, get this, five years after the crime was first committed. He is 39 year old Charles Flores and was charged today by Orange Walk police for the shooting death of then nineteen year old Onorio Oba of San Victor Village.


The incident took place in June of 2009. Reports are that Oba was part of a group that started a small riot when customs officers, accompanied by BDF soldiers, police and Anti-Drug Unit, attempted to seize contraband items from some people.


At the time, Comptroller of Customs, Gregory Gibson, told the media that the officers intercepted five canoes carrying a large assortment of contraband goods among them beers, soft drinks and vegetables. The officers seized most of the goods since they had come under attack by a group of villagers.


They reportedly went by boat towards Douglas and the crowd followed by road. The villagers reportedly blocked the road where the officers were making their exit after loading the confiscated goods into their vehicles. It is alleged that the villagers attacked the officers with machetes, sticks and stones in an attempt to take the goods back. The officers fired warning shots and one of these hit Oba on his nose. At the time, the matter was being investigated but no charges were levied against anyone until now, five years after. 39 year old Customs Officer Charles Flores has been charged for Manslaughter and appeared in court this afternoon. His case was adjourned until November fifth.  

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