July is considered youth awareness month across the country and as a result organizations like Youth for the Future, NDACC, BFLA, and HECOPAB have come up with activities in which they will be involving the youth. HECOPAB kicked off their activities today as they offered youths an opportunity to complete their community service hours by painting some signs…our news team stopped by to take a look.

Yari Catzim- Reporting

hecobab2Glendy Chiquin- HECOPAB OW

“July is Youth Awareness Month and we are helping the youth to do their community service so we went yesterday and the day before asking for sponsoring around Orange Walk Town and we did got some sponsors and now we are doing some smoking and breast feeding signs hoping that they come out good despite the bad weather. After that we are going to do some community service cleanup campaign so the youth they get their full hours that they need to do.” 

But the response from the youths today was quite disheartening, since only three students showed up for the activity. Still, that did not dampen the spirits of this student - Nahim Armstrong - who was ready to get to work.

Nahim Armstrong- Muffles College

“Crime in Belize right now is very high, so this will encourage other youths also coming and instead of doing other thing out there like gang related of something better come here and do something more creative and help the community.”

Yari Catzim- Reporter

“You are working with signs which signs are you focusing on?”

Nahim Armstrong- Muffles College

“Well like how NRH is baby friendly hospital we will be doing breast feeding against abortion and we will also be doing some no smoking signs to put around in the compound and also around town.”

Chiquin says that if any young person is interested in participating in the rest of the activities they can still do so.

Glendy Chiquin- HECOPAB OW

“We are going to put them in the public where people usually go because we want to stop people from smoking, so we are doing “No smoking” signs to go out by park or places that people visit regularly.”

For more information you can call 602-8736. For their next activity the group will be holding a cleanup campaign on Saturday at Trial Farm Village. Remember that participation in the activities counts as community service hours.

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