Screen_Shot_2014-08-19_at_8.00.44_PMSince the Belize Water Services initiated their remedial works to upgrade their pipe lines that run under the Belize Corozal Road, the conditions of the streets cannot be any worse. And while they are carrying their works piece by piece, they leave behind a trail of deplorable road conditions for any vehicle or commuter. While many drivers and commuters can only gripe and complain, our efforts to get comment from the officials at BWS have gone on deaf ears. We spoke to a representative of the company this morning who told us that the works have not been completed but there was no indication whether they will go back and repair the roads to its original state; and neither do we know if Central Government will keep its commitment to fully repair the Belize Corozal Road, a road network strictly under the Central Government’s jurisdiction. Meanwhile, residents, commuters and visitors have no choice but to endure the position that we have been thrust into; pothole ridden, unlevelled, dusty streets.

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