The video that went viral on Facebook over the weekend showing Deputy Commissioner Miguel Segura minutes after the accident and seemingly carefree still has the public chattering on the incident. In the conference held with the media yesterday evening, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie was asked about the public’s freedom on recording police officers while on duty. The Commissioner did not falter and even encouraged the continued use of smart phones.

whylieAllen Whylie - Commissioner of Police

"There is no policy from the department that people cannot. We are living in the age of technology where all these smart phones have video. As long as you are outside the area that the police have cordoned off to deal with their scene, if you are outside of that I do not see any issue why the police should be taking away or confiscating anything. I would hope that people would continue to record these things because it will keep my officers consistent and professional and be honest and even if they confiscate one, I don't think they will confiscate 10 and 20 because I am certain there is more than one person. As I say we don't have a policy. If the police obviously have the area cordoned off, if they have barriers up that you should not be climbing to see then that's a different matter. But if it's cordoned and you are behind the cordon I don't have a problem with it. I just wish that sometimes we would exercise better judgment because I don't think anything is gain by showing people gruesomely killed or murdered and those sort of things and so I would just ask that some sensitivity be given to the feelings of whoever is the deceased family because family always remain." 

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