Municipal Elections are set for the month of March 2015 and what we can tell you is that voters of the People’s United Party in Corozal Town are soon to select their candidates to run for office.

August 5th 2014 marked the opening of applications for candidates interested in entering the race with the closing date for applications set for August 18th.

And the news today is that two persons applied to run for Mayoral candidate and 12 applied for councilor candidate.


Screen_Shot_2014-08-20_at_8.03.55_PMThea Garcia – Chairlady

“I would like to report to the general public that we have two Mayoral Candidates and we have twelve councilor candidates and the convention will be held on the 5th of October at a venue that we will later announce. We have one slate that is comprised of Mr. Ruben Cruz, Mrs. Canaima Dominguez, Mr. Rigo Vellos, Mr. Edit Palma, Mr. Josue Perez, Mr. Elizardo Vasquez and Mr. Shanon Duncan and there is another slate comprised of Mr. David Vega, Miss Zeny Perdomo, Mr. Esteban Pasos, Mr. Enrique Vargas, Mrs. Miriam Rancharan, Mr Orlando Iglesias and Ms. Yvette Riverol so those are the two slates we have and those will be the people who will run for the convention for October 5th.”

Today, Chairlady for the PUP Bay Executive Committee, Thea Garcia, told us the Executive Committee will work along with whichever team voters elect.

Thea Garcia – Chairlady

“It is always a possibility that you will end up with a Mayoral Candidate and a mix group of the two sets of the councilor candidates and as good PUP party supporters I think that we will encourage all the candidates to work together but I think they are well aware of the possibility and are all PUP and we are all one family and so we strive to work together.”

Convention date is set for October 5th 2014.

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