When the results of the Primary School Examination were released the news was not good. Except for the Social Studies paper, performance had reduced by 5% in all three other subjects. The results prove that more needs to be done when it comes to improving students performance for the PSE and that improvement needs to come from teachers, parents and students themselves. With this in mind the Ministry of Education here in Orange Walk has organized a Summer Camp for standard five students. But this is not your ordinary summer camp where children will be participating in sports and socializing with friends - instead participants will be hitting their books.

carrilloEleanor Carrillo - Ministry of Education O/W

“We are gearing to help the student’s in their P.S.E but not only in their P.S.E but actually in all areas of weaknesses that we observed. After we analyzed the P.S.E results we have identified areas like comprehension where they need a boosting so we are going to be focusing on those weaknesses so that the students will have a little jump start before school restarts. We targeted all rural areas and the urban schools the Manager sent a request to principals to send in a list of names of students that they have identified to participate in this program.”

As mentioned the Ministry is catering for 200 students. Presently there are only 35 spaces left and thats why the Ministry of Education is urging parents to take advantage of the summer program and enroll their children as soon as possible.

Eleanor Carrillo - Ministry of Education O/W

“We do want parent to send in, because the children need the help, need the assistant especially parents who know that their children are struggling or have weaknesses in other areas in English and Math because those are the two subject areas that we are going to be providing assistance with so we are asking parent to send in their children so that they take advantage of this two week summer camp and to get a jump start before school reopen. We have a bus that will be bringing in children from Trinidad, San Lazaro and Nuevo San Juan. The bus will pick up children in Trinidad in front of the school and in San Lazaro at the basketball court and in Nuevo San Juan by the school. The bus will then pickup children in Trial Farm at the park.”

The summer program will take place for two weeks at the Louisiana Government School from 9:00am to 12 noon. All participants are asked to bring along their snacks.

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