Screen_Shot_2014-08-22_at_6.11.50_PMAs drivers and commuters of Orange Walk Town’s San Andres Street, you may have noticed that the intersection has been completely repaired. Completed under the auspices of the Town Council, we asked Deputy Mayor Ian Cal, why that particular area was chosen when the cry is that other roads that are heavily trafficked are not treated with the same weight. And while we know that the cash strapped Council is doing its best with the little resources it collects from property taxes and such, Cal says its slow but sure progress for the residents of Orange Walk Town under the Belize Municipal Project.

Ian Cal – Councillor, OWTC

“One of the things that the council has decided and have seen it work is the cementing of intersections as you are aware we have done two and just last week we have completed another one which is right in front of Muffles College right, that is Progress Street and San Andres Street, reason being that the intersections are some of the areas that are most dilapidated; the friction that occurs with all vehicles and all the asphalt it erodes faster and so that is the reason we decided to cement those intersections and we want to cement more intersections, we wish we could cement the entire street but that is very costly, it is expensive so what we are doing is that we are cementing the intersections and we are addressing the dilapidated areas of the streets by manual paving now at the corner of San Andres what you saw there is manual paving, our workers are going there and throwing the asphalt and the gavel and manually sealing the streets, it takes more time but we have seen that it does last long and it works very well and why there well (1) it is a plan because if you see Progress Street we started to work at the entrance of Progress Street and that will be manually sealed as well and we will be working at the intersection right before you reach Crystal we want to cement that as well and we want to cement the corner of San Andres in front of Muffles so you will notice that in a few days that entire street will be a good street, a drivable street, and that is the plan we want to move forward addressing the other streets, of course most of our streets needs attention, and we understand the frustration of our residence when they say we want you to do more but we can only do as much as we can and right now what we are doing is that we are working with our own resources, with our own people and doing what we can do and pretty soon we will be moving onto Liberty Avenue and we have already prepared Liberty Avenue but the issue we had there and Sapodilla Street and Mahogany is that these streets are already prepared but we are waiting on the contractor to finish these streets but there are some delays with the contractor at this point with other contract that he has so we are waiting on him to finish his contracts and to come and do our streets mainly these two streets and Westby Alley but if push comes to shove then we will have to start these streets manually as well so you will see these streets paved as well but we are giving it at least until the end of September and although it is a busy month, a month of celebration so most of the things are going to be happening in town is the manual paving  and then we will be moving to the east streets that are pending in town.”

The manual paving of the intersection of San Andres Street at the Corner of Progress Street had an approximate cost of 40 thousand dollars.

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