patkThe Central Park is also scheduled to see some major renovations, but we’ve told you about this plan for a while now. So why hasn’t work started? We posed the question to Cal today who said that the plan is finalized but the World Bank is causing a delay.

Ian Cal – Councillor, OWTC

“You know when you are working with the World Bank there is a lot of red tape, a lot of things that you need to meet and we have met all of those things and they are just finalizing the actual contract to who will get the, the bids have been issues and it is only finalizing who will get the actual contract to do this park and the information that we got last week is that it will start in September so as a September Celebration committee as well we are looking into where we will hold the festivities for September if it starts in September well we will have to see how we can work around that but of course we don’t want the work to be delayed anymore so if it is going to start September we will welcome it as well, we do want our park to finish.”

The Park Renovation Project is a collaboration between the OW Town Council, Social Investment Fund and the World Bank.

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