Two weeks ago we told you about a summer job program offered by the Orange Walk Town Council which saw over a hundred young people earning a small stipend for cleaning, raking and garbage collecting jobs around town. Today, that program came to a close since the youths are gearing up for their new school year. Councillor Ian Cal says the program was successful.

10590639_10152681247752658_852794454499058347_nIan Cal – Councillor, OWTC

“This year we hire actually a hundred and forty one students, we manage to hire we were saying a hundred but we manage to hire an extra forty one students for this year and as you know the proceeds comes from the Fiesta Rama last month and this is the same money that we use to give back to the young people, you know school is opening and the need a little money to buy school supplies, to pay tuition, and that is one of the ways that this council has decided to give back to the community and especially the young people and education is important and it has closed today, today was the final day and we have issued all payments to the young people and I guess they are happy because it was an experience for them as well.”

Each participant received one hundred dollars for the five days they worked.

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