mendozaSix days after Celso Cawich accidentally shot his brother Gumercindo Mendoza in a hunting trip gone wrong, Cawich is yet to be charged. That is because authorities in Orange Walk are waiting for further instructions from the Department of Public Prosecutions on how to proceed with the case.

For context, 63 year-old Celso Moreno was out on a hunting trip with his brother 52 year-old Gumercindo Mendoza on Wednesday night at around 11 in the Yo Creek area. Moreno recounted to police that they split up and around midnight. He reported that he had spotted a deer, and fired his 12 gauge shotgun.


That is when he heard Mendoza groaning for a short while, after making checks, he saw his brother Mendoza with wounds to his head and abdomen. Mendoza died on the spot. If any charges will be levied on Cawich, it would be to the DPP’s discretion. Meanwhile, Cawich has been released.

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