As we’ve reported, the CXC results are in and according to the analysis, students performed better in this year’s Caribbean Examination Council, CXC exams. Over three thousand students from High Schools countrywide sat the May-June exams. And at the Muffles High School, their performance has been consistently well year after year, says Principal Maria Johnston.


Screen_Shot_2014-08-26_at_7.42.17_PMMaria Johnston – Principal, Muffles High School

“This year I can reveal to that 80% of the students who sat the CXC passed 6 or more and when I say they passed 6 or more it varies from 6 to 11 CXC’s and now once the student passes 6 CXC’s including English they get a tuition school to any tertiary institution of their choice therefore here at Muffles 80% of those students who sat the CXC’s are getting a student scholarship to any institution of their choice and our top scorers was the valedictorian, Alexis Esquiliano so congratulations to her and she passed 11 CXC’s and she passed all.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“If you compare last year to this year what is the comparison?”

Maria Johnston – Principal, Muffles High School

“Almost the same thing, almost the same performance so we have been consistent”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“How is it that you guys keep that consistency?”

Maria Johnston – Principal, Muffles High School

“I think it is because of our teachers that have the ability to teach well and they put a lot of effort into what they do so therefore our students continue excelling.”

A total of one hundred and twelve students from the high school sat the exam.

In the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate, CSEC there was 100% passes in Home Economics, Physical Education and Sports, Clothing and Textile and Music. In the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE), sat by tertiary level students, there was 100% passes in 23 subjects.


Grades I to III in CSEC and Grades I to V in CAPE constitute satisfactory grades, which are considered passes. As mentioned before, 473 more high school candidates passed Math this year compared to last year, yet the number of students who passed English was down by 99.

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