Screen_Shot_2014-08-27_at_8.09.16_PMA Belizean was busted with six point five kilos of cocaine in Costa Rica and is now in police custody. The La Nacion Media reported that a thirty seven year old man who was known only by his surname, Tillett was caught on Sunday night at the International Juan Santamaria Airport in Costa Rica.


He was intercepted by the Drug Control Police about eight on Sunday night who requested he open his hand luggage. In the luggage, Costa Rican authorities found 29 boxes of pilot brand markers which contained 290 individual markers. Of these, 284 were discovered to be filled with cocaine. The drug was confiscated along with ninety-one dollars Tillett was carrying on him.


Tillett had entered Costa Rica in a flight from Bogota, Colombia and was headed to Guatemala City when he was caught. The Costa Rican press report that this is the second time that someone is arrested for attempting to smuggle cocaine in pilot brand markers through the same airport. In the first instance that occurred on August tenth, authorities intercepted a forty year old Colombian woman bearing the last name Marin. She was heading to Guatemala with seven kilos of cocaine stuffed in ten packs of markers. Following that bust, on August twelfth, police also confiscated 1,030 grams of cocaine that was found by a laborer inside 93 tubes of mascara.

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