Screen_Shot_2014-08-28_at_7.59.18_PMPreparations for the new school year are in full gear. In Corozal, part of these preparations is road safety for students. Julio Uk coordinator for Build Belize has been working hand in hand with the Corozal Police Youth Corp in this regard.


Today as an exercise, Uk gathered the cadets at the intersection of 5th Avenue with 2nd Street North leading to the St. Francis Xavier Primary School. The area is one of the busiest streets in town and Uk’s intention was to show students how to utilized the pedestrian ramp.

Julio UK – Coordinator

“Today’s activity is to get more of the community policing cadet involve in their safety and today is a practice that we will be showing so that other children in the community can see how they use the ramp and we are starting on September 1st when school opens again with a hand held stop sign which will eventually be indicating how the motorist need to respond seeing the sign, the sign will be the indicator as to when to go and when to stop so toady the viewers will see it on television so we hope that parent might becoming aware of what will be the new changes at the ramp especially when they are waiting so they have to wait on the signal of the crossing guard and the stop sign that will be the indicator.”

Vehicles have to stop to give way to the pedestrians to cross the road at these ramps and to ensure that rules are followed, Uk says the use of crossing guards will support the process.

Julio Uk – Coordinator

“Well you see there are so many kids sometimes early in the morning that are kind of distracted and drivers need to realize that children cannot think like adults so the child has always the right as a pedestrian to go first but in the case here that we have to understand that this part of town and the next to the school is a very trafficable area so using the crossing guards will support to alleviate the flow of traffic and we ask the parent as well to please tell your children to please obey the crossing guard because  the crossing guards are here for their protection but we also have to collaborate with the crossing guards as to when t cross and when to stop.”

As a pilot program Uk adds that crossing guards will be seen at Guadalupe RC School in Alta Mira and at St. Francis Xavier Primary School. At the end of today’s exercise cadets were awarded with small tokens of Bic stationary.

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