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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
  • Severe Weather Conditions Causes Minor Damages In North

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

schoolThey said they would not send their children to school today if principal Wilbert Tamai and teacher Alvaro Tzul were not transferred from the Progresso Seventh Day Adventist School by the opening of the new school year which was today.

And since their demand was not met, approximately 30 parents stuck to their guns. While they did send their children to school, instead of attending classes the student’s remained outside with their parents since Tamai and Tzul were not transferred. It is a serious situation since the children are being affected but it’s one that parents are adamant to see through as they have clearly stated that Tamai and Tzul are unfit for the job they are paid to carry out.

And just as serious, are the accusations made against the two educators. These include drinking while at work, bad administration and not offering a proper education to students since most of them graduate from standard six and don’t even know how to read.

With Principal Tamai and teacher Tzul still in the picture, parents decided to transfer their children to another school. That decision was made this morning and it did not sit too well with the local manager of Seventh Day Adventist School’s in Corozal, Pastor Gamboa, who decided to meet with the parent’s right there and then.

But the outcome of the meeting was not in the favor of parents as the management of the school is sticking with its faculty.

Concern parent – Progresso SDA

“All parents came out upset why because Pastor Gamboa because the general manager arrived and they had a meeting outside and then they left the parents inside pending and we were waiting there for ten minutes and then Pastor Gamboa came inside again and then he said well parent we have to conclude this meeting because the general manager has arrived and then he will continue with this meeting and then parents said no because we don’t want to talk to him and the parents were getting upset and so he said well really he have to take over because I can’t do anything about it this and that and parent just got upset and started telling him off and then one by one they came outside and they had teacher Alvaro and teacher Tamay inside and both of them could couldn’t say yes or no they were just acting very nervous sweating and trembling and they couldn’t deny what parents were saying and so the police that were in there saw that what parents were saying was true.”

What we can tell you tonight is that the fight for parent’s has just began because according to General Manager of Seventh Day Adventist Schools, Pastor Leslie Gillette, Principal Tamai and teacher Tzul will remain at the school.


Pastor Leslie Gillett– SDA G.M

“What I can say to you is that the school is moving forward we are not going to go backwards we are going to go forward we have out in place the mechanism that will make sure that children receive the instruction that they need to have parents have the means if the problems occur starting this September parents have the rout of the PTA representative on the school board to make their concerns known, the parents have access to the principal there are procedures to be followed however, and we will insist that everybody respects the procedures and the school rules in other words a parent cannot be all day hanging out at the school because teaching and learning needs go on.  I believe that definitely once parents and teachers work with each other that learning will continue to take place at SDA Primary school in Progresso as it has been going on and it can only get better because that is what we have been trying to do over the past couple of years to improve the school facilities and the qualification for the teacher and it is time now for the parents to realize the efforts of the teachers are making and work with us hand in hand so that at the end of the day the children end up getting the benefit that they have.”

According to the parent’s they will once again visit the office of District Education Manager for Orange Walk, Karla Alvarez to seek assistance. We will bring you an update to this story in tomorrow’s newscast. Reports to CTV3 News are that attendance was low at the school today as only 51 out of 95 students attended classes.

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