Screen_Shot_2014-09-01_at_8.34.05_PMOn Saturday August 30th Cordel Hyde was sworn-in as the PUP Standard Bearer for Lake Independence at the St. Martin de Porres football field. The endorsement was witnessed by a huge crowd of PUP supporters from Lake Independence and other parts of the country. Hyde was surrounded by the party’s hierarchy including Party Leader Honorable Francis Fonseca, Honorable John Briceno, Honorable Said Musa and also standard bearers including Ramon Monchie Cervantes, Jr.

The three time Lake I Area Representative parted ways with the party back in February of 2012, weeks before the General Elections were to be held sending the PUP scrambling for a new standard bearer for the area. Back then Hyde made it known that his Khalid was diagnosed in New York with a cancer called Hodgkin's lymphoma and he needed to be by his side.


It is also no secret that when Hyde stepped down he was not in good terms with the party. But it seems all of that has been left in the past. Hyde, who served under the last two PUP administrations as Minister of Education and Housing will go up against incumbent Mark King in the next General Elections. Of note is that before he stepped down Hyde was considered a sure seat for the People’s United Party.  

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