no-photosYesterday we told you about the dissatisfaction from parents of Progresso who are requesting from management to remove and replace principal Wilbert Tamai and teacher Alvaro Tzul of the Progresso Seventh Day Adventist School. It’s a situation that has been brewing for some time, and one week before school started, the complaints mounted escalating to allegations of drinking on campus to complaints of incompetency.


We reported yesterday that parents opted to not send their children to school and if they did, they were accompanied by their parent. And while those concerns were posed to General Manager of the SDA Schools, Pastor Leslie Gillett, their request for change has not been met. Pastor Leslie has gone on record to say that there is a process to be followed as it pertains to situations as this and classes must go on. Well, it didn’t sit well with the parents and today a handful of them arrived at the Education Center to see if the Ministry of Education can intervene. District Education Officer, Carla Alvarez gave us an update on the situation at hand.

Carla Alvarez – District Education Officer

“I spoke to him personally this morning via telephone and he promised that by Friday I would have something in black and white because I had mentioned that I have received all the complaints from the parents and of course like I have explained before there is a proper procedure to follow it is a grand aided school, it is a denominational school and so, first the complaints needs to go the management an if the management doesn’t do anything about it then it goes to the ministry of education and the parent were frustrated and so they felt that they had exhausted all other resources and so the came to me and I collected all the complaints and the concerns and so on and I forward it to Pastor Gillett and I told him you need to address this concerns because this falls under your management and so when I spoke to him this morning I told him that I have been waiting for a response from you but according to him he said that the response is to the commission, I receive one of those responses so I asked him to redirect these responses to me and so I should be getting something in black and white from him this Friday and so we will wait for this Friday and we will see what happens as a result.”

A visit from the district education office truancy officers is scheduled before Friday and while this seemingly unending saga continues, Alvarez encouraged the parents to send their children to school despite any internal gripe they may have since it is considered an offence.

Carla Alvarez – District Education Officer

“First we must warn their parents and remind them that the children need to be in school and if they don’t comply then it is an offense to begin with to have a child at home when he should be in school, the mandatory school age is five to fourteen and so in cases where it does not happen and the parent does not comply then we are force to take a long the police and to take a summons, the furthest we have reached here in Orange Walk is issuing a summons but it hasn’t reached the court but the parent always comply and send the children to school, so I have advice the parent to send the children to school because they are the ones who are losing but lets wait and see what the response will be as of Friday and then after that if the ministry needs to take further action then we will to do that.”


On Friday we’ll bring you the response from the Management of the SDA to the Ministry of Education.

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