picot_boyTransfers of voters started on July 1st, and signaled a dramatic increase in the pace of movement at elections and boundaries departments all across the country. Here in Orange Walk the pace has been frantic, as all four political committees in the Orange Walk district carry out registrations and transfers in this one office here in town.

Theres absolutely nothing wrong with that. But there is something wrong with using government vehicles to take persons into the office to get transferred. And thats what happened today. A government Hilux with license plate B-0021, which is assigned to the Ministry of Natural Resources in Belmopan, was being used today to ferry voters from the Orange Walk North constituency to the elections and boundaries office.

Weve seen vehicles from Gaspar Vegas ministry used to do his political work before, many times, but that certainly doesnt make it right. Especially in these difficult economic times, it seems that the millionaire Deputy Prime Minister could use his own personal resources to get his political work done, instead of saddling us taxpayers with the cost.

When CTV-3 arrived on the scene today, it was to see the government vehicle speeding off, since the driver was apparently alerted that we were on the way. That driver is no stranger to us and since his debut as the Picot boy on television, no stranger to the rest of Orange Walk. He is Vega handyman Nelson Ayuso, who does odd jobs around town for the Deputy Prime Minister.

Well be keeping an eye on the elections and boundaries office in the days ahead because we have no doubt that the Deputy Prime Minister will continue to use government vehicles to get his political work done. We might not be able to stop him, but well certainly catch it on tape for the benefit of our viewers.

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