Rio_HondoBelizean women, along with Guatemalan female immigrants are exploited in Cancun, according to the Mexican press. In a report published today, it states that the Institute of Tourism Investigations at the La Salle University in Cancun, 46.8 percent of undocumented migrants work as housekeepers and hotel maids in Benito Juarez, Solidaridad and Tulum. The investigation is titled “Migrant women in Quintana Roo, Profile and conditions of stay”.


The report states that employers are continuously promoting the illegal residence of immigrants especially domestic workers of which 23.4 percent are hired per day for domestic work. Many of these women come from Guatemala and Belize, the report adds, and they arrive by air, sea or land to obtain employment despite the risk of facing violence at the work place or psychological abuse.


Their illegal entry into the country increases their vulnerability, says the report since they are subject to exploitation at work financially to which they give in in fear of being deported. The report continues saying that the Mexican laws also facilitate the vulnerability of these women, many having children born in Mexico, making them susceptible to domestic violence. They remain illegal due to fear of deportation and lack of knowledge in the process of obtaining legality. The women interviewed argued that to in order to seek legalizing their status in the country, it is necessary to increase their basic civil rights in a country they say violates the rights of its own citizens. They mentioned that some of these rights include the free entry and exit of the country and to have legal stay without persecution. The study concludes, according to the Mexican press, that the management of proper programs and public policies reduce the vulnerability of this minority group. The study was financed by the Instituto Quintanarroense de la Mujer, IQM.

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