Screen_Shot_2014-09-02_at_7.46.17_PMFor the rest of the week the Sugar Industry Research and Development Institute, SIRDI will be carrying out an awareness campaign throughout the northern part of the country with the objective of sensitizing cane farmers about the benefits of the Sugar Industry Management Information System.

SIMIS is a system that will be implemented to collect information continuously for the Sugar Industry in three levels: The general Information of the farmer, Information of the cane fields and finally information generated by the mill during the crop season.

Jessamyn Ramos, SIRDI’s Information Officer, says SIMIS is not only a plus for the Sugar Industry; it will also benefit those that produce and harvest the cane.

Jessamyn Ramos – Information Officer

“We can look at it at as benefit in two sides, benefits for the cane farmers, individually and benefits for the sugar industry for the cane farmers benefits we are considering them showing them that they could have mapped of all the sugar cane that they have under production so that they could start doing better record keeping, keeping track of what they are using in each parcel and at the end they could do their cost benefit analysis, industry wise we are looking at the bigger picture in that in gathering all this information from farmers we could finally have a total acreage under production as the same time know what is or varietal status, what all varieties are being planted, know exactly how much sugar cane we will have for the next crop and that is the benefit for the sugar industry.”

According to Ramos, SIRDI saw the necessity to implement this project to keep a clear record of the production.


Jessamyn Ramos – Information Officer

“SIRDI saw the necessity of having maps using Geographic Information System, is a new technology that is being implemented worldwide and I can say that for Belize the sugar industry is one of the first that is being mapped, when we finish this project and having all the information on a data base on a computer software then we could use that to make better decisions at different levels, our plan for the SIMIS is to have a centralized data base and SIRDI being the one managing this data base and giving out right and permissions to all the stakeholders to use it at their level for their benefits and we are talking the production committee we are talking the cane farmers and SIRDI to use it for research.”

As mentioned at the top of the story SIRDI is requesting all cane farmers to participate in this campaign for the betterment of the cane production. SIMIS is funded by the European Union and includes the participation of various stakeholders within the sugar industry.

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