In last night’s newscast, we told you about the Road Safety project that was rolled out last year and revisited this month. That project aims at curbing the high incidence of drunk driving in Belize, education on traffic legislation and safety, road infrastructure improvements, equipment and training among other things.  This is not the only work being done in the department according to Chief Transport Officer Crispin Jeffries.  He says that the transport department of Belize is currently engaged in discussions with Mexican counterparts on how to improve road border transportation between both countries.

Screen_Shot_2014-09-02_at_7.47.05_PMCrispin Jeffries- Chief Transport Officer 

“The discussion that the minister and his team had, I was a part of that team with our counter parts with Mexico was that the local, the state and the national level on how we can collaborate in dealing with cross border transportation, it impacted the movement of goods, the movement of people and it also address tourism transportation, we are still in the process in discussing these things to look at the way forward as it relates to border transportation.”

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