urlIf you are a regular boledo and lottery buyer then you probably have a vendor whom you patronize daily. But if things continue to go the way they are, pretty soon the method of selling boledo will change and hundreds of boledo vendors will be out of a job, or at least thats what they believe.

Vendors are concerned that with the implementation of machines to sell boledo and lottery they will no longer be needed. Presently a number of Chinese Stores are selling boledo and lottery electronically and vendors understand that more machines are being brought in.

The machines, without a doubt, are becoming popular and when we spoke to some vendors today they told us off camera that since the electronic sales of boledo and lottery their sales have decreased.

According to the President of the Boledo Vendors Association Miguel Chata, vendors have not decided what steps will be taken to address the problem. Chata says when Government privatized the boledo and awarded its franchise to Brads Gaming Company Limited, he understood that each vendor would have been given a portable machine in replacement of the books so as to avoid anyone losing their jobs. But up to date no portable machines have been made available to vendors. Instead more machines are being placed at Chinese stores across the district. CTV3 News will keep following this story and will keep you updated.

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