Screen_Shot_2014-08-29_at_7.46.17_PMLast week we had the opportunity of interviewing Chief Transport Officer Crispin Jeffries on several issues dealing with road safety including drunk driving. In that Interview we also asked him for an update on the issue with Belizean and Mexican taxi drivers at the Old Belize Chetumal Border. At that time Belizean taxi drivers claimed that the Mexican taxi operators were invading their territory thus affecting their business.

In sight of the situation, Jefferies told CTV3 News that the matter would be investigated and apparently it was. When we spoke to him last week he told us that the department addressed the situation and the Mexican taxi drivers are no longer allowed to work in the area. A few of them though, can be seen parked inside the casinos parking lot since they are hired by clients of the casinos.

Crispin Jeffries. – National Transport Dept

“If you have gone to Corozal recently you would have realized that that has been addressed, the continues enforcement has been taking place, there is an arrangement with the Casino operators to provide some parking, we must be conscious of the fact that this is he business that the Casino does it attract Mexican nationals and they feel a certain amount of comfort in being transported across the border by Mexican vehicles and the Free Zone is an area that has been set up for certain amount of cross borer activity, the area on the highway that passes in front of the Casino is one area that we still have some jurisdictional duties and responsibility to perform and we have doing that.”

But while Jefferies boasted that the situation is under control, Gulzar Rana, president of the Gateway Taxi Union which operates at the border gave us a different story as he says Mexican taxis can still be seen in the area.

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“We approach the National Transport Department, Mr. Crispin Jefferies, who addressed that the situation has been solved?”

Gulzar Rana – President Gateway Taxi Union

“No, it is never and you can see the taxies parking, just right there and as usual they are parking all day and night right there and no authority to stop them.”

While reports are that the transport department in Corozal Town did not award the Gateway Taxi Union a license to operate in the area, Rana says the union received its license from authorities in Belmopan.

Gulzar Rana – President Gateway Taxi Union

“I gone to Belmopan to get my certificate and they verified my certificate that I am in good standing and Mr. Jorge Valencia that he came here and he did the remuneration of my taxi union and I did all the legal documentation and I try to approach transport and all the authorities concerned here to come and assist me to help me to continue with my people working.”

Today when we contacted Corozal’s Chief Transport Manager, Elena Dominguez, she told us that her officers have dealt with the situation and that if we needed more information we would need to contact Chief Transport Officer Crispin Jeffries. 

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