saldivarThe House of Representatives met today in Belmopan but basically there were no fireworks, not even sparks. It consisted of the usual back and forth among parliamentarians and presentation of bills. We will bring you the full detail of today’s sitting in a few but first we start off with what is making headlines.

Arthur Saldivar was suspended as a candidate for the People’s United Party in Belize Rural North and from all party activities after his client Melonie Coye alleged that he had taken nine hundred and four thousand dollars of her money. The allegation made against him brought pressure on the party and hence the decision was made to suspend him pending the outcome of an on ongoing investigation that the party is carrying out. And despite that the Belize Rural Executive demonstrated against the party’s decision, Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca has stated that he remains firm on Saldivar’s suspension.

But the man of the hour is in more serious trouble tonight that is after a video of him using foul language and obscene hand gestures went viral on the social media. It is not the proper way for someone who is seeking political office to conduct himself but then again, when it comes to Arthur Saldivar anything can be expected.

The video was posted over the last 24 hours and what we can tell you is that it was captured while Saldivar was attending a meeting at one of Belize’s famous resorts. He comments on his suspension and losses control when he is questioned about a bill he owes at the resort.

Here is that clip but we must warn you once again that explicit language and obscene gestures are used by Saldivar.  Here is a look at the clip

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