noiamgeViewers may recall that in January of this year, we reported on the misappropriation of funds from the Corozal Town Council. At the time reports surfaced that some $80,000 had gone missing. The Mayor of Corozal, Hilberto Campos, clarified that the numbers were being exaggerated and it was only a couple of thousands of dollars that were unaccounted for.

All indications were that the Revenue Manager had made away with those funds. When we first broke the story, an internal investigation was launched into the allegation and the revenue manager was relieved of his duties. And while we tried to question Corozal Mayor, Hilberto Campos on the matter, he refused to give us comment.


Seven months later after the investigation was launched, Campos went on record yesterday and told LoveFm about the findings from that investigation. According to Campos $13,495.00 is what went missing and is still owned to the council.  The audit revealed that there are three people involved in the entire issue, but only the former Revenue Manager, one Mr. Garcia, will be held responsible to pay back to the council.

When the misappropriation of funds was discovered Garcia was relieved of his duties and while he stated that he was going to leave the country, Mayor Campos says, Garcia signed an affidavit in which he practically confessed that he was involved in the misappropriation of the funds.


According to Campos, Garcia also committed to pay back the council. Campos further stated that the council will meet and decide whether the matter will handed over to the police in order for Garcia to be prosecuted or if he will be given the opportunity to simply pay back the money. We understand that Campo’s administration has taken necessary steps to avoid history repeating itself.

It is uncertain if any of the missing monies have been paid back. Our request for an interview was as per usual, declined.

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