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faber8.9.14bBut while the report is stating that Polanco has denied the incident, Faber says the incident did occur but not the way it was reported hence the reason why the report was withdraw.


Patrick Faber- Minister of Education


"A report was made and in fact I believe subsequent to that, that report has been withdrawn for the mere reason that the situation did not occur as it was reported. So it was withdrawn and so there is no issue there any longer. The reason why it was withdrawn is because in the first place it did not happen in the manner in which it was reported. "The young lady is my friend. All of you know that if fact my wife and I have undergone a separation - that is going in to almost a year now and we had an unfortunate squabble if you will, but nothing like what has been reporter. I want for the record to say to people that I try to be an outstanding citizen. I am human and I have a personal life. I am a young man, I am not an old man, I am 36 years old and while I understand fully that I am a public figure I do have private activities in my life  and it is true that if a compliant is made then it is the business of the public. That complaint has been withdrawn. As far as I know the police doesn't have any issues with me. The young lady that you speak of has no issues with me certainly and in an effort to try to protect whatever friendship is there too I won't say anything more than that. But there is no issue that is left in the ballad so that people have to be concerned.


“Could it be that it’s no longer an issue because of your very own intervention?”

Patrick Faber- Minister of Education

“Not at all! I did not intervene in the matter in the way that people, or that you are suggesting at all. As far as I know the reason why it was withdrawn is because in the first place it did not happen in the manner in which it was reported.”



“Can you say how exactly it happened? Did you hit anyone?”

Patrick Faber- Minister of Education

“No I won’t. I said I would not get into the details for the matter of the friendship that exists. We do not have any kind of animosity and I want it to stay that way.”

The report released on the social media also alleges that Nickesha Polanco has been in a relationship with Faber for the past nine years. That would make her 16 years old when they first started going out, meaning she was a minor. But according to Faber, that is a mere allegation put out by someone who is trying to tarnish his good reputation. And while Faber would not go into details of what exactly transpired on Saturday night between him and Polanco, the fact remains she is an employee of the Ministry of Education and he is her boss, but no problem says Faber.

Patrick Faber- Minister of Education

“She does not work in my immediate office let me say that first of all, but there is no crime in that. Certainly if it is that Jules Vasquez was indicating just now that I may have had some kind of inappropriate relationship with her from the time she was very young, man that’s nonsense. That’s absolute nonsense.”


“I wasn’t implying that sir. I’m just saying that it indicates that it is a long friendship I am saying at the age of consent. She claims to have been in your bedroom on the night of her birthday party. Is it appropriate for you as Minister to be having a birthday party with a staffer who has known you from a young age and no doubt, I would imagine, would look up to you?”

Patrick Faber- Minister of Education

“You as well as I know that there’s nothing illegal, nothing inappropriate…you’re asking the question to fish the details out of me. Gentlemen and ladies I will now end this.”


“Are concerned that this can have some type of repercussion in your political career?”

Patrick Faber- Minister of Education

“I know, and I challenge any one of you to say where it is that this is coming from. It is coming from one Rhenae Nunez who is an avid supporter, fanatic, diehard, crazy person from the People’s United Party who seeks to attack the credibility of U.D.P. ministers and U.D.P. officials. You will see that this is now her trend from what had happened earlier this year with my wife and my marriage issues. It is now that she is trying to paint this negative picture which I will not allow her to do. The people of Collet of course are not going to view me any different because of this smear tactic because they know that is merely what it is…a smear tactic. And I’ll leave it at that.”

Faber finalized the interview by stating that he is not a bit concerned that his actions on Saturday night could lead to a suspension as the Prime Minister has no reason to do so.

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