The crime situation in the country continues to send shock waves within the public as it has seeped into the districts as far south and north. The murder count continues to rise this year and there is concern for public safety from all sectors of the community. Among those expressing grave concern are members of the People’s United Party. Area Representative of Toledo West Oscar Requena stood in the House last Friday to reiterate the need for government to address what he terms an urgent matter.

Screen_Shot_2014-09-09_at_7.46.09_PMOscar Requena – Area Rep, Toledo West

“Mr. Speaker, this is a serious matter our women and our girls are suffering from a lack of security, a lack of security and respect for them, this is worrisome Mr. Speaker, this is disturbing and intolerable, the government, the government, this government has a social and moral responsibility to address this matter with a view of restoring confidence, security and respect for a women across this nation.”

Requena proceeded to mention contributing factors to the situation. He made specific mention of the problem affecting women and girls. Here is what he said.

Oscar Requena – Area Rep, Toledo West

“We see unemployment continuing to rise, you go across this country, the number of people, young people who are not employed and are not able to earn money to make a living and to provide for their families.  Mr. Speaker we continue to see a lack of opportunities for our young people, many of our young people who are coming out of secondary school and sixth forms.  Mr. Speaker we see our young people, many of our young people turning to crime and violence, this Mr. Speaker has to be addressed. The point I want to make across Mr. Speaker is that the when we look at this social integration, when a man cannot provide for himself and his family it is an attack on his manhood, when a women cannot provide for her family it is also an attack on her self-esteem and integrity and these are the issues that this government, that this government has to address Mr. Speaker. It is important that this government Mr. Speaker must focus policies and programs on ensuring that our women, our girls are protected ad that they are meaningfully engaged in opportunities that are going to help them to better their lives and the lives of their families, that is what has to be done.”

Requena expressed a need for urgent unity not only of political leaders but also of the community and the police.

Oscar Requena – Area Rep, Toledo West

“The police needs the support of the community now more than ever, we cannot Mr. Speaker, we cannot be fighting with the community on whom we depend to be able to help us to fight this scourge of crime.  Mr. Speaker, I want to particularly address, that we are living in some very trying times when we see certain elements of the police oppressing and fighting with the community that is totally unacceptable.”

Requena illustrated the success that can be achieved through public and police collaboration with the recent capture of a suspect in the death of a woman in San Pedro Columbia in the Toledo District. However, Requena also noted that some actions by authorities remain questionable, especially that of the Gang Suppression Unit that has been the subject of public scrutiny. These actions he said have contributed to the mistrust people have in the police and called once again for the government to address a matter he deemed of national security.

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