Minister of National Security John Saldivar took the stand immediately after Toledo West Area Representative Oscar Requana wrapped up his presentation. According to the Minister, the PUP is misguiding the public.

Screen_Shot_2014-09-09_at_7.46.17_PMJohn Saldiver – Minister of National Security

“They come up here and the talk about a call for unity and a call for all of us to put our heads together to solve this crime problem which we must admit is a problem but you can’t on one hand be calling for unity in solving this problem and then on the other hand trying to put this nation against its security forces, it cannot work.  Mr. Speaker to come here on this house and try to say that poverty justify violence, justifies crime, how desperate that can these people be to want to get the criminals on their side by having the criminals believe that there is some justification to their action because they are poor.”

The Minister also expressed sharing grate concern over the crime situation but added that he believes the government is handling the matter as best they can.

John Saldiver – Minister of National Security

“I am happy to note from the responses that I have been seeing from right thinking people in this country they don’t buy that and you are not going to get into government by attacking the security forces of this country.  There isn’t a night that I don’t sleep thinking about the problems that we face in the police department and with crime, it is a difficult task but we are attacking it and we are attacking it objectively and we are not trying to make any political hay out of the work that we do and we know that we are succeeding.  Last year, Mr. Speaker, the murder count went down from 145 to 99 and this year whilst it has inched off a bit it is still considerable less that where it was in 2012 and so we are confident that we are going to be able to sustain the gains that we made last year.”

According to the Minister of National Security, the figures last year show a twenty percent decrease in major crimes compared to the previous year and this year there is only a five percent increase on this figure. He added that as part of the government’s work towards curbing the crime situation, it has made major investments in the country’s national security.

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