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campThe Orange Walk Central Sports Camp, now in its 12th year, has become one of the most anticipated events of the summer. Sponsored by Area Representative Johnny Briceno, the camp caters to youths between the ages of 8 and 12, and uses sports like football, volleyball and basketball to teach the valuable principles of teamwork, discipline and integrity. The one week annual camp kicked off today with over 90 kids registering, and our news team was there for the launch.

Yari Catzim- Reporting

The rainy weather this morning did nothing to deter the energy-packed participants of this year’s Orange Walk Central Sports Camp. The over 90 children from all over town were ready and anxious to start their training in basketball, football, and volleyball. According to coordinator Alex Palacio this is the biggest crowd they have had for the first day of the camp.

Alex Palacio- Coordinator – OW Central Sports Camp

“This morning for one of the first times we have a great amount of participants and they keep coming in so hopefully that by the end of today or tomorrow we will have a lot more kids.”

Taking care of the volleyball portion of the training is Werner Tovar, who was enthusiastic about passing on his skills to the eager youth.

Werner Tovar- Volleyball Trainer

“Basically it is to instill the fundamentals of volleyball so that they can imply it in Primary School so that their coaches don’t have trouble with them in going over the fundamentals with them so they will be a little advanced”

Yari Catzim- Reporter

“How have you broken down the training what are you going to teach them today?”

Werner Tovar- Volleyball Trainer

“The first thing we are going to teach them today is the theory I think everybody needs to know the theory of the sports to be able to play the game after that we will teach them practical. Eventually we will go into all the basics of playing volleyball.”

Yari Catzim- Reporter

“Would you say volleyball instills discipline in these children?”

Werner Tovar- Volleyball Trainer

“Yes it teaches them leadership skills and team work and other skills that you don’t really learn out there on the streets.”

Tovar has been training youth in volleyball at the camp for the past five years, and says that the sport has been successful in teaching values and principles.

Werner Tovar- Volleyball Trainer

“It has been really effective because when we go to Primary School coaching we see the level that the students are after participating in the Summer Camp.”

camp2Yari Catzim- Reporter

“Do you think a week is enough for them to grasp?”

Werner Tovar- Volleyball Trainer

“A week will be enough because we are only teaching them the basics.”

Erwin Gotoy is in charge of the basketball training this year.

Erwin Gotoy- Basketball Trainer

“Just basically the normal things like stretching, getting warmed up, doing some physical training. We are also teaching them some new skills like dribbling it won’t be challenging because we will just teach them the basics nothing hard. “

Gabriel Perez is no stranger in the football arena, and was happy to assist in the discipline of football.

Gabriel Perez- Football Trainer

“Basically all the children know about football so it is just for them to have fun and learn a little bit more about football in the annual Summer Camp.”

Yari Catzim- Reporter

“You are well known for playing, well known for your accomplishments how do you feel to see that you are passing what you know to these young kids?”

Gabriel Perez- Football Trainer

“I feel good because in the longer run they will partake and be someone successful like me.”

Yari Catzim- Reporter

“How have you broken down the training?”

Gabriel Perez- Football Trainer

“Well for the first two days we will deal with the practical part of football and then let the kids have some fun and play football.”

The children were divided into three groups, one for each discipline.

Yari Catzim- Reporter

“What do you hope to learn and master in this week?”

Jaylen Willoughby- Salomon’s School

“Basically to shoot a three pointer. It is the first time that I come what motivated me is that they brought the note to my mom and so I wanted to participate. I am making new friends and feel excited.”

Yari Catzim- Reporter

“You feel excited about participating in the Summer Camp?”

Nazim Aldana- San Francisco School

“Yes I feel excited.”

Yari Catzim- Reporter

“Is this the first year?”

Nazim Aldana- San Francisco School


Yari Catzim- Reporter

“How long have you been coming?”

Nazim Aldana- San Francisco School

“Like two or three years.”

Yari Catzim- Reporter

“What do you like the most?”

Nazim Aldana- San Francisco School

“The football.”

Yari Catzim- Reporter

“Why football?”

Fate Flowers- Chapel School

“Because it is fun sport and I love running and exercising.”

Yari Catzim- Reporter

“So you are not afraid?”

Fate Flowers- Chapel School


Yari Catzim- Reporter

“So you plan to make new friends this week?”

Fate Flowers- Chapel School

“Yes I plan to.”

Alex Palacio- Coordinator OW Central Sports Camp

“We have kids from Orange Walk Central and as a matter of fact from the entire district and from the different constituencies. We even have children from Belize City, Cayo and Corozal this year.”

Snacks are provided during the activities which end at 12 noon. The activities continue tomorrow and if anyone is interested in sending their children they can take them to the Orange Walk Peoples Stadium at 8:00am.

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