grenadeBelize Police find a second grenade in the City in the span of a week. Last week the Police briefed the press about a grenade found on Banak Street in the City and promised an update on the investigations this week. Today however, police informed the media that they had found yet another grenade on Mayflower Street which intersects Vernon Street in Belize City. The discovery was made after authorities received a call at ten yesterday morning. Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, Deputy Commander of the Eastern Division in Belize City briefed the press this morning. Here is audio provided by our Colleagues at KREM News.

Sr. Superintendent Edward Broaster - Deputy OCED

“We discovered one American type grenade. Fortunately for us the bomb expert was at the ceremonial service at the Memorial Park and he was called in and he came and secure that grenade and took it away for disposal. This is the second grenade that we have discovered within a week and we are working with the community, with other who are embracing the campaign "not in my city" to recover more grenades off the streets of Belize City. The American type grenade have been used by most of Central American neighbors, particularly Nicaragua, Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. We know that the British grenade, there was a crate of 24 that went missing from the British camp, but as it pertains to the American grenade we cannot say directly as to where it came from at this time but I am sure that with the collaboration that the BDF have with the alcohol and tobacco we will be able to trace where that particular grenade came from.”

The area it was found was under some bushes near a fence in an overgrown empty lot. The grenade was wrapped in several layers of plastic and police add that their intelligence suggests it was placed in the area about thirty minutes prior to them receiving the call. But there is the suggestion that officers of the police department are the ones planting the grenades.

Sr. Superintendent Edward Broaster - Deputy OCED

"That narrative there is definitely ludicrous. We would never do anything to endanger the life of the public. As a matter of fact this American grenade is much more dangerous according to Brigadier General Jones than the British grenade and we would never ever do any such thing to put or jeopardize the lives of the public. I cannot say where we will find them but I can tell you that this grenade was placed there by an individual and we got the call that the person placed it there and I won’t go into further details because we are following up on the investigation.”

There is also the growing fear, since the discovery of the grenade that there may be intent on detonating one such weapon in a crowded area during the upcoming September festivities. Authorities say they don’t believe so.

Sr. Superintendent Edward Broaster - Deputy OCED

"From the intelligence and the information that we've gathered through our investigation there is no intention to lodge any grenade in any mass crowd as it pertains to carnival or any of the parade, in particular this last one. We don't have any information to suggest that it would have been used in any of these festivities. Like I said there is no indication that they would have used it on the 10th day. We have specific intelligence on the first one and this would not have been used on any September festivities where it would endanger the ordinary law abiding citizens. We know that there are more British Grenades out there for sure yes.”

Police also discovered a point 38 revolver that was also seized.

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