Screen_Shot_2014-09-11_at_7.47.43_PMThree weeks ago Cesario Mozaia, a resident of Calcutta Village in the Corozal District, found himself battling a fire that started in his kitchen. If it wasn’t for the help of neighbors Mozaia’s house would have been completely engulfed in flames and he would have lost everything. So what started the fire? That is what Mozaia is still trying to find out because on the night of the incident the Corozal Fire Department was a no show and to date they have still not visited his home despite the fact that he reported the incident.

Cecilio Mozaia – Fire Victim

“It was a Friday night right, about two o’clock in the morning to bring in Saturday morning when I woke up and I heard a big noise behind my house and so I see a blaze of fire and I said oh my goodness, what is going on right here so I got up and when I looked at the door the kitchen was in flames and well the first we did and a friend of mines he start to call the fire engine and unfortunately no fire engine appeared at all, at all and we were waiting and the police man they came.”

With the fire department nowhere in sight and he about to lose all he had worked for Mozaia relied on the assistance of his neighbor’s to combat the inferno.

Cecilio Mozaia – Fire Victim

“So we started to make noise and calling for help and so some guys they came running and they had to broke the water pipe to try to get some water to out of the fire because it was terrible, no assistance from government at all, at all and so we throw water on the kitchen and we get it to go down.”

When our reporter called the fire department for comments all calls went unanswered. We will follow up on this story in tomorrow’s newscast.

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