Screen_Shot_2014-09-11_at_7.47.13_PMAs mentioned, Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega and the UDP organized an endorsement convention for yesterday where the aspiring Orange Walk UDP Town Council slate was sworn in at the People Stadium. There are those who are questioning whether the event could have been held on another date instead of making the tenth become a partisan occasion.  Now, we must mention that were invited to cover both the motorcade and the endorsement convention. The invitation was extended via email by Louigie Gomez, one of the councilor candidates.


But Gomez would soon learn that in the UDP camp, at least here in the north, Vega rules and he has no say, not even as an aspiring councilor. As a professional news organization, we decided to cover the event with the aim of keep northenos informed after all we strongly  believe that people of the North, in this case particularly Orange Walkenos, have every right to know who are the candidates that both parties are presenting for the upcoming Municipal Elections.

While waiting for the motorcade to move off from Liberty Avenue, we approached the party’s Mayoral Candidate Yvette Torres and requested that she give us an interview. She told reporter Victor Castillo she was not ready for an interview. As a result, Castillo asked if we could do the interview at the Peoples Stadium and to this she responded quote unquote “You will be going to the People Stadium at your own risk I will not be held responsible for whatever happens to you guys because I do not have control of the public and do not know how they will respond when they see you there.”

Taking it as a threat, we decided not to go to the stadium but still covered the motorcade and found out that few voters from Orange Walk Town attended the event even with the dalla beer giveaway. Two; the UDP chartered approximately twenty buses to reel in people from the rural areas and all of them were half empty, on board were more children than adults and we all know children don’t vote.

At the end we must make mention that instead of joining the Orange Walk Town Council to celebrate our history the United Democratic Party decided to choose party politics.

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