The annual Atlantic Hurricane season is from June 1st to November 30th every year. During this season the National Emergency Management Organization prepares and stands by just in case of any emergency. The most recent emergency activation of NEMO was last year when tropical storm Richard hit the north of our country.

As we move deeper into the hurricane season and with the rains pouring down these past few days we visited the District Emergency Management Organization Office in Orange Walk to inquire about how prepared it is for a hurricane emergency.

Suleima Celiz is the DEMO Coordinator and she told us that after going through training in first aid and emergency they are ready for anything.

celizSuleima Celiz- DEMO-Orange Walk

“We have been preparing we have been doing a lot of training with the public officers and the community. We have been doing search and rescue, shelter management and different kinds of training including basic first aid.”

Yari Catzim- Reporter

“When we talk about the committees that would have to be activated in case of an emergency what are they?”

Suleima Celiz- DEMO-Orange Walk

“We are Shelter Management, Relief and Supply, Transport, Search and Rescue just to name a few.”

The last few days have been wet ones in the north and the forecast for the next two days is for more of the same as a tropical wave in our area interacts with an upper level system. As the Rio Hondo usually causes floods to the villages of San Antonio, San Roman, and Douglas we asked if DEMO was keeping a close eye on the area.

Suleima Celiz DEMO-Orange Walk

“We have been checking the Albion Islands which is San Antonio, San Roman, Douglas and everything is normal right now the rivers are rising a little bit but nothing to be concerned about.”

For the 24 rural areas in the district there are 52 shelters for any emergency. Apart from Douglas which requires mandatory evacuation, every other village has at least one shelter. Celiz advised the public that each family should work on a personal emergency plan.

Suleima Celiz- DEMO-Orange Walk

“Be prepared and stay focus and work on some type of family planning and discuss with the community. They should have a plan of action with the chairperson and the council they need to be prepared.”

So far the heavy rains have not required DEMO to evacuate any family within the district. If you have any questions on where to go for shelter in time of emergency or how to draft your family emergency plan you can contact the DEMO Orange Walk office at 322-3228.

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