noLast night on our newscast we reported on the complaint made by Cecilio Mozaia against the Corozal Fire Department. Mozaia claimed that some three weeks ago his kitchen was destroyed by fire. His entire house would have been engulfed in flames if not for the assistance of neighbors because while he called the Corozal Fire Department for help they were a no show.

Today reporter Victor Castillo visited the Corozal Fire Department and spoke with recently transferred Fire Chief Meshach Henry who preferred not to provide us with an interview but commented on the situation off camera.

According to Henry, residents have complained that whenever they call the department their calls go unanswered. But it’s not their fault he says. In the phone directory the number of the fire department is listed as 402-2105. However that number is invalid. Hence why all calls goes unanswered.


Fire Chief Henry advises the general public that the contact number for the fire department in Corozal is the 402-2106 and not 402-2105. Basically what Henry is saying is that when Mozaia called the department he dialed the wrong number. The fact remains though that Mozaia also claims to have called the Corozal Police Department and reported the blaze yet the department never responded. If we are not mistaken the police department can communicate with the fire department. We will keep behind this story and bring the updates as they unfold.

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