Screen_Shot_2014-09-15_at_7.54.31_PMOver a thousand spectators made their way to the Corozal Central Park to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Art in the Park on Saturday. Five years ago, the idea was born to expose the various talents of Corozaleños. Through Art in the Park, photographer Debora Wilkes and other members of the COLCHA Group have managed to meet their aim and along the way artisans even make some much needed funds.

David Ackierman– COLCHA

“Exactly five years ago the idea of art in the park birthed, Debera Wilkskay, member of COLCHA came up with this idea five years ago and that is where we took it and it is an event that people looking forward every month.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“When we talk about Art in the Park what is an exactly person can come out an experience?”

David Ackierman– COLCHA

“Well, the whole idea about art in the park is to promote the artisans, promote their craft and at the same time to generate some sort of economic movement, the artisans could be here, they could sell their goods, they could advertise their products, they could market and also opening an opportunity for people in the food industry, also to come in and promote themselves and could make a little money by selling out here.”

According to David Ackierman, member of Corozal Organization Leading Cultural Heritage and Arts COLCHA, Art in the park is a family affair that discovers many talents.

David Ackierman– COLCHA

“So it’s a family ambient, it is a family ambient and there is no alcohol and of course COLCHA does not promote any sales of alcohol within all its events and we are very happy that the objective of this art in the park sponsored by COLCHA has met its objective.”

During a short ceremony on Saturday, members of the community were rewarded for their outstanding performance and participation throughout the five years.

David Ackierman– COLCHA

“Because it is our 5th anniversary we will have a series of awards that will be presented tonight and (1) to a group of artisans that have been from the inception, I think we need to recognize them and there are six artisans that are being involve and one from Orange Walk that has been involved and also our cooperate sponsors.”

The event came to a close with a dance.

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