10639540_10152385980817843_6656384242277622074_nYou may have noticed that the Town Council is currently repairing the intersection that connects Progress Street and Cinderella Street and the buzz around town is the worry that it may not be ready for the Independence Day parade on Sunday. We posed that question to the Mayor to which he responded that they are looking to complete the works come Sunday.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, OWTC

“We were trying to ensure that we could secure the cement for them to complete the casting of that section of Progress and Cinderella, we are hoping that we can get those in by tomorrow, we would wanted to have come in by this evening but if we are to get it we definitely will be able to complete the works so that we could have but as you know in cementing there are all kinds of methods such as acceleration and all these things so that it becomes firm and so we are hoping that yes we will be able to meet our deadline but remember as well we also have a children’s parade on Friday, I believe though that that one we may not be able to accomplish by Friday so the children’s route from what I gather may need to be altered a bit and so instead of going up Cinderella should probably take up St. Peter’s Street and then continue down Progress Street but a part from that we should be able to able to secure those cement if we don’t then we will have to make a slight adjustment instead of coming up Cinderella we may need to continue up Fonseca and hit San Andres and then come up on Munoz land and then hit down the main highway straight down from the police station, w hoping that we don’t have to go that way but we will put all our efforts trying to ensure that we can put down the cement structure there by tomorrow so that they give it at least two days to heal and then have traffic pass on that area.”

The Independence Day parade kicks off at 3pm from the Central Park on Queen Victoria Avenue.

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