At the end of the day the Orange Walk Town Council has 21 days to appeal Justice Young’s decision and that is exactly what they will do. Under what grounds you may ask? Mayor Bernard explains.

Screen_Shot_2014-09-17_at_8.05.54_PMKevin Bernard- Mayor of Orange Walk Town

“This case definitely will be appealed by this Town Council because of the fact that when the Mayor now, the contract is one thing, the Mayor signed an agreement to pay De’mars Stone company on February 15th 2012 a few days before the election, there was never another council meeting after August 16th 2011 and worst so any decision for us to get into any agreement to pay De’mars Stone Company, those were our points in fact that this case we believe can and we can win in an appeal court and I believe that we have strong points that we can fight on and I believe that the people of Orange Walk needs to know that every amount of money that this council has had to be burden with; the Social Security debt, the Income Tax, the old RB’s bill, the old San Martin gas station bill, the old Landy’s and sons debt and all these debts that was left by the previous council for us to take care and if we now add on the De’mars Stone company bill you are talking about almost four hundred thousand dollars by the end of February just by the Social Security, the overdraft and the income tax we would have paid over $426, 000.00.”

As mentioned the town council has 21 days to appeal the decision.

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