Screen_Shot_2014-09-17_at_8.05.46_PMToday a massive man hunt by residents and members of the Daniels family in the village of Xaibe was promptly activated in the outskirts of the village after an alleged thief gained unauthorized entrance into their home.

The incident occurred a little before midday today. 41 year old Delia Daniels went to a nearby store in the village when a Hispanic man made himself into her house by removing the screen of her kitchen window.

Upon her return, she realized that her window was wide open. Daniels told us that upon arrival she felt that the perpetrator was still inside her home. A neighbor informed Daniels that they saw the culprit allegedly wearing a yellow shirt, jump over the fence and ran across the road into a nearby cane field and fled.

Family members immediately jumped into their vehicles and begun the man hunt. Unfortunately the hunt was unsuccessful.


Upon making checks at her residence, Daniels said all that was missing from her residence was $25.00 that she had in one of her cabinet drawers and approximately $175.00 she had in her office.  It is of note that by the time we left the village, authorities had not responded to the incident.

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