Screen_Shot_2014-09-17_at_8.06.51_PMThere is no doubt that the question that many Orange Walkenos are asking at the moment is whether the streets of Orange Walk Town, particularly those where the 21st parade will pass through will be in good conditions. While there is no shying away from the fact that some streets in Orange Walk continue to be in need of repair, it is also a fact that the Orange Walk Town Council has been upgrading streets as fast as they can go and with no held from Central Government we know that can’t be that fast. But what Orange Walkneos and visitors can rest assure is that come the 21st of September the streets that make up the parade route will be in good condition.

Kevin Bernard- Mayor of Orange Walk Town

“We also had a few concerns when it comes to the main road which is the Queen Victoria Avenue and the Belize Road area, presently the road is in a terrible condition due to works being conducted but we have gotten in contact with the ministry of works and they have been doing some work and they have ensured us that the parade route that falls under their jurisdiction will be ready for the 21st parade.  The orange Walk Town council will ensure that the section of Guadalupe Street will be rectified and today we should be cementing the intersection of Progress Street and Cinderella Street, so the parade route will not be altered.”

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