fifa10The FIFA/FFB/GOB mess seems to get more, rather than less complicated as time passes. Notwithstanding one appearance at the Supreme Court by all parties involved, the matter is no closer to resolution than it was a month ago.

Tonight we can confirm reports that the game scheduled between Montserrat and Belize will be played in Honduras on Sunday, July 17th. That was the deadline given by FIFA for the game to be played, so the FFB will just be able to meet the deadline.

As for the team being the Belize National Team or not, thats all up in the air, since the National Sports Council has still not registered the FFB as the official national body for football in the country. Word from the Sports Council is that it has found some problems with the 2010 statutes presented by the FFB, and has returned those statutes to the FFB for change. Apparently the NSC is claiming that some of the FFB statutes do not follow the rules of FIFA. Now keep in mind that FIFA has had no problems with the FFB or its statutes. Ironically, the only problem FIFA has had with the FFB is the interference in its affairs by government.

Football pundits we spoke to told us that this is just a stalling move by the NSC at the direction of the Minister of Sports, and there is no intention to register the FFB. The FFB has until August 15th to be registered or the body will be suspended again by FIFA, and it is believed that that suspension will have long term negative repercussions for football in Belize.

With that said, reports to us are that most of the team is already in Honduras practicing for the game on Sunday. Well have updates on this story as it continues to develop.

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