Screen_Shot_2014-09-17_at_8.05.28_PMThe People’s United Party today announced that they have decided to dismiss one of their own. Viewers may recall that Standard Bearer for the Belize Rural North Constituency, Arthur Saldivar, was suspended last month pending an investigation into allegations of misconduct and accusations of taking and failing to return over $900,000 from former clients Melonie and Marlene Coye.


The Coye’s were released from charges of money laundering following a successful criminal appeal in March in which Saldivar represented them.

Today, the PUP, having received the report from a committee set up last month to investigate the alleged wrongdoings, took the decision to remove Saldivar from the post of Standard Bearer and also as a member of the PUP Executive. Party Leader Francis Fonseca reportedly said today that the decision was weighed against what was best overall for the PUP and the entire country.

Francis Fonseca- Leader Of The Opposition

“With immediate effect, Mr. Arthur Saldivar is removed as the Standard Bearer for Belize Rural North for the People’s United Party and is removed as a member of the National Executive of the Party. Mr. Saldivar and the Chairlady of Belize Rural North was invited just a few minutes ago to come into that meeting and the Chairman reported to them on the decision taken by the Party and we are now at the point where we will convene a meeting in Belize Rural North to begin the process of selecting a new Standard Bearer for Belize Rural North. I will just add that obviously this was not an easy decision for any of us. It is never easy for anyone to sit in judgment, if you like, of any colleague of theirs. So it was not an easy decision. It was not a decision taken lightly. We considered it very seriously, very cautiously, very deliberately but at the end of the day I believed and I was supported in that view by the members of the National Executive that it was both in the best interests of the People’s United Party, and I also believe in the best interests of Mr. Saldivar, that at this time he not be involved in Party politics and certainly not be a Standard Bearer for the People’s United Party.”



“His executive has indicated that they will stand behind him all the way. What would be the process then that the Party would take in appointing a new Executive if that be the case?”

Francis Fonseca- Leader Of The Opposition

“Well as I just stated the Party Chairman will go into Belize Rural North. He will meet with the existing committee. They will indicate what they intend to do as a committee. That is yet to be seen. You are speculating that that will be their position. That may have been their position up to this point. We have reported to the findings and conclusion and decision of the National Executive. If that remains their position – we certainly hope that that is not their position, but if that remains their position, then the Party has a process under the constitution under which we formulate a committee.”


As mentioned Saldivar was present for the announcement but when he walked out of the meeting he refused to speak with the media. All he stated was that he will run for politics even if it means independently.

And while that decision was made, the announcement did not sit well with the Belize Rural North PUP Executive Committee who we understand, have indicated that they will consider a legal challenge to the party’s decision. Saldivar spoke to the Belize City media a few hours after the press conference held by the PUP and what we can tell you is that he did not speak about the PUP’s party leader too kindly.

While the decision will have to be ratified at the next National Party Council meeting scheduled for September 28th, the Peoples United Party will now choose a new standard bearer for the Belize Rural North Constituency. 

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