Screen_Shot_2014-09-19_at_8.09.29_PMAmid the hustle and bustle of mid-afternoon traffic, an armed robbery went horribly wrong for one of the culprits as he was shot dead shortly after exiting the store they targeted. Details are sketchy but authorities say that around 3:00pm, two men riding separate bicycles, one of Creole Decent and the second of Hispanic Decent, entered Hung Yun Store located on Otro Benque Road, right in front of the Northern Regional Hospital and pretended as if they were shopping.


But shopping was the last thing on their mind because their plan was to rob the establishment. Reports are that during the robbery at least two customers were inside.


We understand that one of the robbers approached the counter, pushed the shop attendant and demanded that the owner of the store hand over the cash. Complying, the Chinese grocer handed the men some $500.00 dollars from the drawer. The robber of Creole decent put the money in a bag and handed it over to his accomplice who ran out of the store, grabbed his bicycle and made good his escape.

But as the second robber tried to do the same, the owner of the store took out his licence firearm and shot him several times. The culprit was able run out of the store but fell outside the establishment. The victim was later identified as Leslie Logan Junior who received at least four shots.


While some claim that Logan carried a weapon on him and that the owner of the store walked up to him as he lay on the ground and shot him one more time, those allegations are yet to be confirmed by police. What we do know is that the owner of the store, 35 year old Lie Wen Lee gave police a caution statement. At the scene of the crime police retrieved a handgun and five nine millimetre expended shells. Police are yet to capture Logan’s accomplice.


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