Today marks three years since the Father of The Nation, Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price passed and September 19th has since been coined National Service Day for his unwavering lifelong commitment to serving the people. The Right Hon. George Price led the nationalist movement and the country to self-government and then to Independence on September 21st, 1981. He is considered the Father of the Nation and National Hero and is the Leader Emeritus of the People’s United Party. His life was dedicated to service to country, Reporter Maria Novelo revisits his legacy in the following report.

Screen_Shot_2014-09-19_at_8.11.17_PMMaria Novelo Reporting

George Cadle Price – the first Prime Minister of Belize was a man who was well-known and loved by all Belizeans. Mr. Price’s selfless service to our country during his entire adult life is unparalleled. He gave of himself with dedication and devotion to duty, to God and Country. Because of his determination we are today an independent nation. Belize is respected and recognized regionally and internationally because of the vision of George Cadle Price, who understood that we as a people deserve to chart our own destiny. All Belizeans value his great work and honour his contribution the work of the peaceful, constructive, new, progressive and Belizean revolution.

Mr. Price’s search for new knowledge and new ideas was never limited to the purely political. In fact, he was something of a renaissance man. He wrote poetry, played the piano, loved classical music and the arts, and read widely in the sciences, theology, philosophy and literature. The People’s United Party will never have another leader like George Price or will the country ever have another Prime Minister like George Price, that is the sentiments of many.

As the longest serving PUP Leader, Mr. Price embodied the party’s creed to ‘serve the people’. Right up to the very end he was in touch with the leadership of the party, giving advice and serving as a mentor. After a long and rich life spanning almost a century, the Leader Emeritus  was called by our Creator to his final reward. And as is customary, members of the People’s United Party, supporters and loved ones today paid tribute with a wreath laying ceremony held at his burial site at the Lord Ridge Cemetery. To date, his legacy lives in the hearts and minds of every true Belizean.


Thanks to an initiative proposed by the George Price Center for Peace and Development, September 19th is recognized as National Service Day, a day dedicated to the Father of the Nation’s lifelong commitment to serving the people of Belize.

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