Screen_shot_2011-07-12_at_7.52.11_PMFor the past three days it has been raining on and off and today as our news team drove up the Northern Highway they were able to experience firsthand the effects of the rainy weather. Two sections of the highway are presently under water and while a number of vacant lots located in the village of San Jose are already flooded, luckily only one or two houses are inundated. To give you a better picture our team filed the following report.

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

When we hit the Northern Highway this afternoon we encountered two sections of the road flooded with water. In the constant rain drivers were extra careful while crossing the flooded areas so as to avoid any accident.

As the water rushed across the road on its way to the New River it also posed a flooding threat for families living in low lands located along the highway. But at least for the time being there were few yards already covered with water. If the rain continues, however, there is no doubt that water will soon be finding its way into homes.

This family was stuck in their home because as you can observe, their yard is under about 5 feet of water. Luckily the water has not rushed into the house but if the rain continues the family will need to evacuate.

At the San Jose Health Center nurses were sweeping out the water while tending to patients. Because of the rain the clinic became flooded but fortunately the water receded rapidly.

And while we advise drivers to be extra careful when reaching the flooded sections of the highway we also take this opportunity to advise children that it is dangerous and unhealthy to swim in floodwaters.

The forecast for tomorrow through to Thursday midday is for cloudy skies at times with a few showers and thunderstorms mainly in the north decreasing on Thursday.

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