Screen_Shot_2014-09-23_at_8.32.07_PMOn the night of Friday September 19th, Orange Walk residents gathered at the Price Avenue to honor the life of George Cadle Price, a fitting occasion at a place named after the renowned Leader Emeritus, as mentioned by Orange Walk Central Area Representative, John Briceno.  Before the speeches, a liturgy was celebrated by Father Oliver Smalls. Following the mass, members of the People’s United Party including elected leaders and standard bearers took to the podium to remember a great man. The following are a few of their thoughts as they remembered the struggles and achievements of the once Party Leader.

Ramon Cervantes Junior – Standard Bearer for OW North

“George Price, in addition to being a visionary, he was a great builder, he build on his vision, he not only spoke, he not only gave us a vision but he build on it and that is what has made us this great nation and this great people that we are today.”

Marco Tulio Mendez – OW East Area Representative

“George Cadle Price was a true leader, he was a true leader is all sense, he had the character of inspiring confidence to our people, he had the charisma of attracting people and everybody that was around him, he was more concerned about making others good about themselves and he feeling good about himself, he had true commitment to our nation but sometimes some of us lack on that really that separate the doers from the dreamers.”

Abelardo Mai- OW South Area Representative

“I we as politicians from both sides’ politicians would seek to imitate George Cadle Price we would be such a wonderful nation today.”

John Briceno – OW Central Area Representative

“No matter what obstacles were placed before him, Mr. Price kept moving forward, he was threatened to death, he was told he would go to jail, he was criticized for his choices in lie and politics and yet he never faltered, he never gave up, he never quite on his promises to his God and to his people, what an amazing example we have with Mr. Price, what an inspiration for all of us not only here in the north as a place he loved but all across Belize.  We must continue to work towards building that nation that was the vision of Mr. Price, a nation that is more peaceful, more prosperous and living in the spirit of social justice where we look out for each other.

Kevin Bernard, OW Mayor

“It gives us pleasure to always commemorate the life of a great man, a great hero the father of the nation, the Rt. Honorable George Cadle Price, so I want us to leave from here tonight with that same message that we must remember and put in our minds that what George Price stood for was service above self, let us help and work together to build a better Belize, let us ensure that we stand in unity and only in that was can our country progress.”

As is well known across the country, September nineteenth has been named National Service Day in honor of the late Father of the Nation. On this day several Belizeans and groups hold community service activities to honor the work and trajectory of George Cadle Price.

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