IMG-20140921-02638While Corozaleños held their carnival on Saturday, Orange Walk Town had a full house for this year’s celebration. The streets of town were invaded by Orange Walkneos and visitors who came from near and far. Without a doubt there was an economic boost as hotels across town were booked, restaurants and vendors ran out of food and just about everything that was on sale, sold out. But back to this year’s parade. It was bigger than ever before with more than 35 floats. The ambiance was that of festivity as spectators lined up to view the parade. And if you missed it here are the highlights.

Carmelita Perez – Reporting

In Orange Walk, there’s nothing like the 21st day parade and this year was no exception. The parade was led by the Mexican Marching Band followed by political leaders of both parties.

This year the revelry was at a high tempo. It had young and old dancing and the crowd of on-lookers watching with great anticipation for what came next. With marching bands from all over the north, decorated floats turned into carnival caravans, featuring costume-wearing girls and dancers the celebration of Belize’s 33rd birthday proved to be a huge success.

The entire parade lasted for more than an hour. While tonight we were only able to show snippets of the parade, we invite you to tune in for the replay of the entire event tomorrow at 8:00pm.

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