Screen_Shot_2014-09-23_at_8.33.10_PMThe festivities over the weekend didn’t go without incident in the crime scene and while we don’t have many details, we have confirmed that two stabbing incidents occurred during the course of the weekend. The reason we don’t have much details is because no one has made an official report to the police thus there is no police investigation ongoing into these incidents or information as to what transpired. One of the incidents we understand took place on Lover’s Lane in Orange Walk Town around two in the afternoon on the 21st while the official ceremony was being carried out. We have images of the scene immediately after the stabbing where police responded. The man of Hispanic descent had been stabbed to the left side of his abdomen and bleeding by the time our cameraman arrived on the scene. The man who was injured has apparently decided not to press any charges after the incident. The second incident we understand was among a group of men who were drinking but those who were injured were too inebriated to remember what transpired or who inflicted the wounds. Again no reports have been made to police on either incident.

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