Screen_shot_2011-07-13_at_8.32.11_PMTonight the family of a 23 year old young man born and raised here in Orange Walk town is mourning his death after he was fatally shot last night. Orson Cardona, who was living in San Ignacio with his family at the time of his death, came to Orange Walk on Monday afternoon to visit some friends. According to his grandmother Eterlina Viasis, Cardona left his luggage at her house and then went out. Cardona did not return until Tuesday morning and then left a short while after. Viasis last saw her grandson alive on Tuesday evening when he came to pick up his luggage. At that time she had no idea her grandson would be murdered a few feet away from her home located on Dunn Street and to make matters worse, she would even hear the sound of the shot that ended his life.

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

Blood stains behind S.P. Discount Center mark the spot where 23 year old Orson Cardona dropped dead after he was shot in the abdomen while walking at the corner of Arthur and Mejiba Street.

Residents of the area say that around 1:20 this morning they heard the sound of a gunshot. That same sound was also heard by Cardona’s grandmother Eterlina Viasis who lives just a few feet away from where Cardona was shot. At that time Viasis had no idea that her grandson had been fatally wounded.

Neighbors told CTV3 News off camera that after the shot was heard two men riding separate bicycles were seen leaving from the area. When Police arrived at the scene the men were long gone and Cardona was gasping for breath. The 23 year old died on the way to the Northern Regional Hospital.

Who shot Cardona and why is anybody’s guess tonight. According to Tiburcio Keme he and Cardona along with other friends were drinking at around 4:00 yesterday afternoon at the Fort Cairns Market Plaza. Keme, along with another friend, left for a while to buy another bottle of rum, leaving Cardona behind.

Keme told CTV3 News that when he returned he had an altercation with one of the individuals with whom he was drinking over a bicycle. Cardona intervened but it did not get physical.

Tiburcio Keme - Friend of Deceased

“It was me and another guy who wanted to fight because I had barrowed his bike and Orson told them that no one would beat me because I am his friend. But after that we left because we did not want to fight. I think they acted that way because they were drunk so Orson told me to leave along with him and we did. We went to my house to continue drinking. There was a slight misunderstanding between us in the group but nothing much happened.”

In order to avoid trouble both men decided to leave and headed out to Keme’s house where they continued drinking. The last time Keme saw Cardona alive was around 11:30 last night when he decided to go out.

Screen_shot_2011-07-13_at_8.31.59_PMTiburcio Keme - Friend of Deceased

“About 11:00pm he told me that he wanted to borrow slippers from me so I gave him pair after that he told me he was going out and I asked him where he was going. I even asked him not to go anywhere but he insisted that I go with him. I told him I can’t because I have to go to work and it was already late. After a while he told me he was not going anywhere and he went to his room and even charged his phone. After a while he came back and told me he was going out and asked me if I would go with him I said no and he left.”

So, could the altercation at Fort Cairns Market have led to Cardona’s death? According to Keme he does not believe it is related.

Tiburcio Keme - Friend of Deceased

“I don’t think so because I never saw they had any problem with him, the problem was with me earlier and the guy was mad because I barrowed the bike but the guy didn’t explained to the other guy and that was the problem we had and not with him and I didn’t see them had no hard talking with him it was with me and the other guy just jumped in for me like to defend me too, it was with me them got it.”

Keme alleges that while drinking Cardona mentioned to him that he came to Orange Walk to get away from a beef that he had with some individuals in San Ignacio where he was living with family. Undoubtedly Cardona’s death was untimely but according to Keme his 23 year old friend knew that death was knocking on his door.

Tiburcio Keme - Friend of Deceased

“Yesterday he was always telling me that he was going to die. I use to tell him stop playing and even asked him if he was drunk but he said no. But he insisted that something was going to happen to him and that he was going to die. I never believed it and it did happen but I can’t say who killed him.”

CTV3 News understands that Police have detained two persons for questioning.

Cardona leaves behind his mother Abdulia Cardona better known as Teacher Duly his father Orson Cardona Sr. and two sisters.

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