On Sunday September 21st when Belizeans across the country and even those living abroad were celebrating the jewels 33 years of Independence the Government of the day launched a number of promises their way. During his Independence Day speech in Belmopan, the Prime Minister pledged a reduction in electricity rates for 2015 and to meet the interest payment for the month of December 2014 on all home mortgages across the country.


But the Prime Minister was not the only one who came bearing gifts on the 21st. Here in Orange Walk Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega pledged for the second time that his government will convert the Orange Walk Peoples Stadium into a state of the art sporting complex. That is the same commitment he made last year during his 2013 Independence Day speech. This year though, the DPM did only commit to upgrade the People Stadium. He also emphasized that this government will enhance the Agriculture sector.

Screen_Shot_2014-09-24_at_7.52.18_PMHonorable Gaspar Vega- Deputy Prime Minister

“On assuming the portfolio responsibility for agriculture I pledge to seek out markets and facilitate exports of Belizean products to the region, I can stand before you today and report that two weeks ago my ministry via BAHA signed an agreement for the export of cattle to Guatemala and we are now working with the cattle producers to begin formal exports of live animals to Guatemala, we expect that this new entry into Guatemala demand for Belizean beef and will certainly benefit our farmers and our economy.  We have accomplished a lot for Orange Walk, however we realize that there is much more work to be done, now we are reviving  the Yo Creek agricultural station to provide better services to farmers, we are acquiring new livestock in particularly and will soon acquire new machinery to improve our land preparation support for small farmers, next year in cooperation with the Taiwanese government we will commence  a project to improve the genetics of the sheep and health herd in the country and this was a particular promised to the northern Belize as we see Mexico as a viable export market.”

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