Screen_Shot_2014-09-24_at_7.52.11_PMOn October 1st, people around the world will be marking the International Day of Older People. The United Nations created this annual event in 1991 to celebrate the contributions and achievements of people in their golden years and it is a day when many organizations in Belize that work with and for older persons focus on providing activities as a mark of respect and to make them feel special in their community. Today we spoke to Treasurer of Helpage in Orange Walk; Belizario Carballo who gave us rundown on the activities planned for this year’s Senior Week.

Belizario Carballo – Treasurer, Helpage OW

“In October 1st it is observes as International day for Senior Citizen but here in Belize we go for a whole week and so we start the week on Sunday and we are having a dinner party and then on Monday we are going to have a radio talk at Estereo Amor and they have invited us to be there at 7:30 Monday morning then in the afternoon we will meet for a anybody who wants to come and have games with us then on Tuesday we will have a health clinic we want to give the senior citizen a full checkup, because they should do this every year but a lot of them don’t do it so the hospital will be helping us where they will get a full checkup and on Wednesday we are planning a trip to Progresso and the Medinas has been generous to lend us their place there and so we will be taking them there and hopefully we will be having a nice day so that they can get into the water and swim and then on Thursday we have a tea party and we have games also during the tea party and we will have talks with some people who will go in from the health department and then Friday and Saturday will be visitation days and that is the members of the committee will be going to be visiting the shatins because we have a lot of shattins in our group, people who use to come at parties at one time and now they are too old or some on wheel chairs and so they cannot come any more so we going out and visit them. To interact with other people like themselves and I would like to take this opportunity to invite our young people to join us, we need younger people to come and help us and to join so that our program can continue because I have been on this for the last about thirty years since we began and am getting tired and I want other people to take over so you and Maria could probably join us and be part of Helpage.”

This year’s Senior Citizen Day and in this case week long activities, will be celebrated under the theme “Leaving no one behind; promoting a society for all.” As an added bonus, our first segment featuring the elder persons in our community will start tomorrow. Stay tuned for those feature stories.

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