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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

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People love a good story, and those about mythical, often elusive creatures like the “Chupacabra” tickle the interest of many. Tonight we have one such story and as it turns out it also surrounds the blood sucking creature dubbed the “chupacabra”. The first sighting of this elusive creature was made in 1995 in Puerto Rico. Since then, there have been several reported sightings in several parts of the Americas. In Belize, though, there hasn’t been any known report until today. Dalila Ical has the report.

Screen_Shot_2014-09-25_at_8.21.41_PMDalila Ical – Reporting

The creature that was hit by Cain Cal as he drove past a ranch between Yo Creek and San Lazaro Villages has struck the curiosity of many. Pictures his daughter posted on Facebook have also stirred varied opinions. A few people have accused the family of concocting the story, calling the images fake.

However, after a visit at their home this morning, we must say the creature they photographed is real. It appears too, that no one can identify this strange looking animal.

Cain Cal

“Este animal apareció en medio camino y lo golpea y mi esposa me dice se miraba como un kangaroo y nos empezamos a reír y le digo no, no puedo ver kangaroo acá entonces regule para ver si animal estaba en el camino y vimos que se trataba de levantar, Ese un animal que no conozco nunca lo había visto no es un zorro mi hija me está preguntando qué es y yo no le puedo decir.”

Cal hit the creature about eight on Wednesday night as he headed home in San Lazaro.

Cain Cal 

“Brinca hace como hop y asi es como apareció en el camino porque no corre solo brinca. El rato que lo golpea estaba parado solo con dos pies y con las manitas en el aire. Venían como tres carros ataras de mi lo golpearon también y ellos también se sorprendieron que siempre se quería levantar.”

An internet search reveals identical creatures being found in other countries including Mexico, the US and Puerto Rico. Some have been caught alive but no one seems to be able to identify this species. Some reports say it is a hairless or diseased raccoon but no necropsy has been performed on the creature to confirm this. And then, some have speculated it to be the elusive “chupacabra” which is reported to attack and suck the blood of cattle.

Descriptions of this creature vary greatly. While some are more ghastly, one is similar to the creature we see here. It has grey skin, a long narrow face with visible fangs, has very little hair and at first glance can actually be confused with being a mangy dog. Taking a closer look though, we can notice that the animal has a long tail similar to that of an opossum; its hind legs are clearly longer than its front arms. The soul of its feet and its palms has the texture and appearance of that of a monkey. It is a strange creature which Cal says has perplexed even the most seasoned hunter in the village.

Cain Cal


"Bastantes tiradores de aldea ya lo vieron y dicen que nunca habían visto algo así no pueden decir que es.”

Whether it is the “chupacabra” or not, the story doesn’t end there. Cal says he understands some farm animals in the area have been found dead or gone missing.

Cain Cal 

“Oí que dicen que se estaba perdiendo muchos animalitos pequeños recién nacidos y tal vez eso pueda que sea la causa no diría yo.”

We investigated the allegations a bit further and stopped at the farm in the area where the animal was hit. There, one caretaker commented that on the same night he heard a distinctively heavy creature on the roof of the small house he lives in. Another, who wished to comment off camera, admitted that they have lost cattle once under strange circumstances that remain unexplained up to today.


“About two years ago we had some cows dying out on us with two holes in the neck and the neck just twisted back way and they started foamed out on their mouth and they dead.  We contacted BAHA and cut off the head and they send I to Panama for testing but we didn’t never got back any answer.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Was this something strange to you guys at the time?”


“Yes, because we inject the cow to time and I don’t know how.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“The myth behind the Chupakabra says that it would actually suck the animals’ blood could you recall if the animal still has like blood it his body or what has it been like?”


“Yeah, it had blood in his body and blood stains coming out.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“How many cattle did you loss like that?”


“About five of them and this was in two years ago in six months time.”

Is this the “chupacabra”? We’re no experts to confirm its identity but we can say that this strange creature found in San Lazaro Village is very real.

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